People We've Worked With

When we're not making bags we're often using our leather work and design skills to help established brands add a new twist to existing or new product lines, the following list shows just some of the major clients we've worked for and people we've collaborated with. If you want to know more or are interested in working with us then please call us on +44 (0)7834 118 293 or shoot us an email at

Namon Gaston

We have been privileged to work with Namon on numerous furniture projects involving leather. With a great working relationship and a strong understanding of each others craft, we have worked on a number of prototypes and commissions over the years. Most notably his Award Winning 'Wu Bench' where we collaborated to make the custom made leather seat pad.Other projects have included The Hide Chair, Conway Shelving (see below) and The Seating for the Walsh Dining Set.

Reference:                                                                                                                                                    The guys at SodaKitsch are always keen, professional and great to work with. We've done some late shifts together to get work finished, and collaborated on some exciting projects. They have exacting standards with an unrivalled knowledge of their craft and the work they produce is always above my expectations. Namon Gaston

Gamma Transport Divison

Workshop Aprons
Gavin approached us to make some hard wearing workshop aprons for himself and the staff in the shop, inspired by the original leather GPO apron his Grandad wore. We updated the classic in 'Gamma' colours in hardwearing Grey Nubuck with Tan leather straps and accents. We added some handy pockets so that all the essentials bike tools weren't out of reach whilst working.  Removable straps were added to the bottom of the apron so that there was the option it wrap it round the legs when working on wheel building etc.

Shelving Collaboration with Namon Gaston
This was a collaboration with friend and furniture designer/maker Namon Gaston. Gavin was looking for shelving to display all his 'best' bike accessories. He wanted Wooden Shelving with Leather supports and It had to fit in a narrow wall space between two doors.
The finished result was a narrow set of beautiful oak shelves complimented with Natural Bridle Hide Strapping that fastened with British Solid Cast Brass Buckles. The shelves perfectly fitted the space and really show off the bike accessories well.

What can I say, your professional outlook and ability to meet my brief was second to none. I've always enjoyed your products and used them in my daily life. What more can I say... The leather apron was always going to push my buttons but the feedback I have had from my customers has been exceptional. Many thanks and I look forward to the next project! Leather and canvas bag! For Ever! Gavin Brough - Owner


National Museum of Scotland

We were approached by The National Museum of Scotland to be part of their Glenmorangie Research Project. We were asked to recreated a leather satchel based on the rare but fortunate survival of leather fragments from a water-logged site at Loch Glashan in Argyll, dating from the 6th or 7th centuries AD.

This was an unusual and exciting project to be part of and quite different to our usual bag commissions. We had to return to the simple leather working techniques of the past as they didn't have things like sewing machines and used minimal tools.  It was an honour to be asked to take part in this project.

Working with SodaKitsch was fantastic.Ours was not a straightforward commission because we wanted Ian to help us understand some fragments of leather which had survived from an island dwelling place in a loch in Argyll. The fragments are a very rare survival of organic material over 1000 years old. 

Ultimately we turned the previous reconstruction on its head as Ian helped us to interpret subtle clues preserved on the fragments that told us about how the leather was used and put together. Ian’s willingness to engage with this project and learn with us through the process was what made it a very valuable experience and really made the project a success. His patience for our sometimes naïve questions and his meticulous work were really impressive and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any commission, big or small, simple or complex.
Dr Martin Goldberg - Senior Curator - Early Historic and Viking collections

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Method Studio

We've had the privilege of working with Callum and Marisa of Method Studio on a number of projects where they required leather craftsmanship. These have included: Working closely with the team at Method we've helped them investigate and source the perfect leather for each individual job, and privileged to have worked with Callum to produce the sometimes challenging fine leather detailing that has been required for each commission. This has included lining trunks for Jaguar Land Rover and elaborate leather detailing on the Vacheron Constantin Watch Box.

'We've worked closely on a diverse series of projects with the craftsmen at SodaKitsch over the past five years - often for some of the world's most prestigious luxury brands. The likes of Jaguar Land Rover, Fortnum & Mason and the Glasgow School of Art have all benefited from the exceptional artisan skills and meticulous attention to detail that the team always deliver'  Callum Robinson, Creative Director, Method Studio