Our Inspiration

Our inspiration

We are very much inspired by Work bags of the past such as school satchels, tool bags and doctors bags. Our very first SodaKitsch bag was inspired by the traditional school satchel. Satchel-style bags are now seen as 'must have' fashion accessories. 

Traditional Work Bags were built to last; they had to carry heavy books, mail, lotions and potions and in most cases were past down to future generations. Due to the hard wearing nature of these bags, many of them can still be found in vintage stores around the globe. We design and make SodaKitsch bags with the same ethos. They are bags for life and are made to be passed down to future generations.

When designing our unique linings we draw our inspiration from textile designs of the past, We are very much influenced by the likes of Lucienne Day & Peter Hall. The great out doors and our love of cycling is also a great influence as is Scandinavian Design. We love their simplicity of shape and form.