About Us

What we do

We design and make contemporary leather bags and accessories, striving to bring back the quality craftsmanship of traditional British made bags and luggage but injecting then with our own unique twist. We make bags that are built to last.

Our bags are made to order, making each one unique. As leather is a natural product, variations will occur naturally. All our bag linings are hand screen-printed so you can be sure that your new SodaKitsch bag will be truly unique to you.

We see our linings as hidden secrets; only the owner knows what lurks inside a SodaKitsch bag. We want our customers to be wowed when they open their bag.

How we do it

From concept to completion, everything is done in-house. We design, develop and make prototypes to ensure our bags can withstand everyday use.

We source only the finest vegetable tanned leather from Italy and bridle hide from Britain, choosing hides that will age well and get more beautiful with time. We like to keep hardware to a minimum and only use British solid-cast brass buckles, locks and fittings.

We dye, wax and burnish all our bags by hand and all stitching is hand-finished for strength and durability.

All of our linings start from hand-drawn sketches which are often developed further digitally. We then hand screen-print using eco-friendly water-based inks with soil association accreditation.

Our inspiration

We are very much inspired by Work bags of the past, including school bags & doctors' bags. Our very first SodaKitsch bag was inspired by the traditional school satchel. Satchel-style bags are now seen as 'must have' fashion accessories. 

Traditional Work Bags were built to last; they had to carry heavy books, mail, lotions and potions and in most cases were past down to future generations. Due to the hard wearing nature of these bags, many of them can still be found in vintage stores around the globe. We design and make SodaKitsch bags with the same ethos. They are bags for life and are made to be passed down to future generations.

We put the same hard work in when designing our unique linings. Drawing inspiration from textile designs of the past, We are very much influenced by the likes of Lucienne Day & Peter Hall. Scandinavian Design is another great influence, loving their simplicity of shape and form