Lunch Bags in Dick's

With Christmas fast approaching we've been sending out work to some of our stockists.

We've just delivered our InverLeith Lunch Bags to one of our favourite local stockist Dick's.

They're located in Stockbridge, fast becoming a hip area to shop and live in Edinburgh. There are lots of boutiques, coffee shops and deli's so it's a must visit if you're in Edinburgh.

Dick's is a boutique for the discerning gentleman. The have an eclectic collection of clothing, homewares and accessories, many of the brands unique to them in Edinburgh. The owners Andrew and Uli definitely have an eye and appreciation for detail making them the perfect stockists for us.

We're currently lusting after the new Private White VC jackets they have in stock. The Mechanics Jacket is definitely on my Christmas wish list.

The perfect shopping destination when out on a quiet stroll round Edinburgh.

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