The First Bags Out Our New Doors

Welcome to our Friday blog post. Today we are sharing with you some exciting news!

After a lot of searching we have now found the perfect leather for our bags and its British!! If you know about SodaKitsch and the ethos behind our bags, you'll know that this is quite a big deal for us.

Where possible we strive to make our bags as British made as possible. So this new find of British Vegetable Tanned Leather is quite exciting. 

The first bags to leave our new SodaKitsch HQ a few weeks ago were this small satchel and medium US postal. These are off to Japan with our lovely customers that collected them in person from our new studio.

Our customers chose classic colour combinations that are sure to age well and get even more beautiful with time. These are bags for life (not the ugly plastic supermarket kind!).

A custom take on our US Postal with stitched colour matched strapping. This is our first fully British US Postal bag.

As you can see the colour combinations above aren't in our shop. If you have any specific custom requirements contact us

Have a lovely weekend!

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