The satchel that started it all

Having always loved the traditional school satchel, we set about designing our own version. Wanting to keep the design simple and hardware to the minimum. We developed our satchel with simple leather straps that went through leather keepers, and loved the simplicity of this with it's easy opening and clean lines.

I still use the our very first satchel to this day. The leather has taken on it's own unique patina over the years and is still going strong.

Our ethos is to 'make bags that are built to last' and this has been a trusty little bag so far, having had daily use since the beginning.

Over the last few years we felt that it would benefit from having a handle on top, so you could carry it in hand and for easy pick up. This meant developing the straps so that they wouldn't pull through when carrying it in hand, so with the addition of some discreet hardware the new satchel was born.

We feel that our new style satchel is the most functional yet. It's a versatile little bag with the ability to wear it across the body or carry it in hand almost like a clutch bag.

We hope you agree that it's a worth while upgrade, browse the selection here.


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