New Name - New Direction


Hello and Welcome to the NEW S.K. WORKS website.

If things look a little familiar around here it’s because this is the new direction of SodaKitsch. We loved SodaKitsch and the journey that it took us on but we started to fall out of love with what we were doing and took a step back to really decide on what direction we wanted our brand to go in and are happy to finally launch our new baby S.K.WORKS.

S.KWORKS still follows the same ethos as SodaKitsch. Beautifully made classic leather goods with a modern twist. But this time keeping to a classic timeless colour palette, simple but modern designs that fit seamlessly into your life and at an affordable price tag. Sure they may be more expensive than your high street purchase, but this isn’t about throw away fashion. This is an item that can take you from day to night, city to field and everything in-between.

We also hope to bring you a range of limited edition Screen Prints and Home Accessories in 2020. Something we’re excited to explore.

We hope you like what you see and follow along on our new journey. We’re excited to see where it takes us.